Potato Boxes.jpg

Red Potatoes

  • Skagit Valley is known for growing the reddest red potatoes available anywhere on the market. It's very rare that a Skagit Valley red potato gets peeled due to the fantastic color, plus the skin stays moist and flavorful when cooked.
  • Best Uses- Smashed (Mashed with skins on), roasted, boiled, baked, grilled or in salads

Yellow Potatoes

  • Our yellow potatoes are known for their creamy skin color and the buttery smooth texture when you bite into them.
  • Best Uses- Mashed, roasted, boiled, baked, grilled or in salads

White Potatoes

  • Available for a limited time only, these amazing potatoes' texture is great mashed or in a favorite soup recipe. 
  • Best Uses- Soups, mashed, boiled, fried or in salads