Norm Nelson Jr., Jim Nelson and Tony Wisdom combined forces as business partners in November of 2012 to create Sterling Hill Farms, a vertically integrated growing/packing/shipping operation specializing in premium red, yellow and white potatoes.

Our focus is on producing premium fresh market potatoes.  We also grow corn, grains and grass as part of our crop & land rotation program.  Everything we do is geared toward building the proper conditions to produce the highest quality potatoes possible.  We are constantly on the hunt for new varieties, technological advances that offer applications to our business and opportunities to learn and improve.  We are intensely focused on creating and following sustainable farming, business and operational practices.  We are keenly aware that as stewards of the resources we employ in our operation, we must employ practices that will last for generations to come.

Sterling Hill Farms is tucked into the Northwest corner of Washington State in between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. The Skagit Valley in which we grow our potatoes holds the top percentiles of soil qualities worldwide. This is part of the reason why the quality, color and taste of the potatoes you receive from Sterling Hill Farms will surpass any others on the market. Go ahead, give them a test.


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